Introducing TIMBS for iPhones and iPads

The world's first and only automated mobile time management system for iPhones and iPads.

After more than a year of development the automated solution for iPhones and iPads is finally here!

We have spoken to countless professionals who have asked for
TIMBS for iPhone.

With our world class, unique technology (patent pending), professionals are now able to capture their mobile time effortlessly and securely with one touch on iPhones and iPads. Time entries are automatically created and ready for posting to any accounting system out there.

iPhone time capturing system
iPhone capture time on email

TIMBS will help you:

A professional does not need to enter a docket entry or remember client/matter numbers as that would take unnecessary time. Simply select an applicable client/matter number from a concise list created for each contact and TIMBS will take care of the rest automatically.

TIMBS is a highly effective automated time capture utility.

No other system can match TIMBS’ ease of use, security and capabilities.

Time capture app for iPhone
Time capture app for iPhone

TIMBS does all of this automatically!

That is why TIMBS users gain approximately 5 billable hours per month on emails and calls that would have otherwise been given away for free.

Check out what all the excitement is about and contact TIMBS at info@timbs.ca today!

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